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  • Image of Robotiki
  • Image of Robotiki
  • Image of Robotiki
  • Image of Robotiki

Long ago, somewhere in the Pacific, a lush, green yet somehow oddly square island sat, uninhabited and silent but for the gentle lapping of the waves on its right angles. One day, a rumble began, heard by nobody but, nevertheless, the whole island shook. With a deafening whoosh of lava the long-dormant volcano below erupted, blackening the green and boiling the calm ocean below. From the grey mists came a whirr and a thud, a thousand gears in motion, trudging through the molten rock.

The Robotiki were born.

Hand made / hand painted in Melbourne, Australia.
Approx 10cm square
Magnet articulation - 3 points (arms, legs)
Limited amount!

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Creepy Stack
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